Tom Prestby

Conservation Manager, Wisconsin

Tom Prestby is the Wisconsin Conservation Manager at Audubon Great Lakes. He leads Audubon’s wetland restoration in the St. Louis River Estuary and works to build bird conservation partnerships for Audubon in Green Bay and across other Important Bird Areas in the state. Recently, Prestby has been a leader of the five-year Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas II project, volunteered with Northeast Wisconsin Audubon Society, and conducted a highly successful review of Important Bird Areas. From childhood Prestby has been driven by a passion for birds, which has fueled a career focused on bird conservation. He has a B.S. degree from University of Wisconsin-Madison and a M.S. degree from University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, where he researched shorebirds and terns for his thesis, including discovering the first Piping Plovers to successfully breed on Green Bay in 75 years. Prestby has researched and monitored birds across the state of Wisconsin and now lives in Green Bay.

Articles by Tom Prestby

Getting Birdy in the St. Louis River Estuary
St. Louis River Estuary

Getting Birdy in the St. Louis River Estuary

— Join us in helping to learn more about how exactly birds use this amazing freshwater ecosystem by getting out, watching, and recording