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Check here for information about careers at the National Audubon Society or search Audubon's jobs listing.


Paid Internships

Our Restoration Internship Program provides direct experience in ecological restoration and land stewardship, as well as offers advanced training and certifications. Learn more

Audubon Great Lakes also has university-level internships available on a rolling basis. These internships can be in conservation science, development, marketing & social media, and other disciplines. 

The National Audubon Society has additional opportunities through the Wings internship program.

Download the 2020 Restoration Internship Flyer



Volunteer Opportunities

Conservation Volunteers
Get Involved

Conservation Volunteers

Get outdoors with the local conservation community and make a difference for birds and the places they need.

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Volunteer with Birds in My Neighborhood
How To Help

Birds in My Neighborhood

Volunteer with the Birds in My Neighborhood

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Community Science

Be a Community Scientist

Take your love of the outdoors to the next level. Get involved with restoration and bird monitoring activities.

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Ways You Can Help