Jennifer Johnson

Wild Indigo Coordinator, Northwest Indiana

Jennifer Johnson is a native Chicagoan and artist. Like John James Audubon, nature has always inspired her artwork. In 2012 she finished her Bachelor's degree in Illustration at Columbia Chicago. She has also completed graduate-level courses in library science from Dominican University. After college, Jennifer decided to pursue a career in conservation and continue her art practice.

From 2012 to 2016, Jennifer Johnson started at Audubon Great Lakes as a Community Engagement Fellow for Chicago. She was an original Wild Indigo fellow and witnessed the program’s progress from its infancy. In between her time as a fellow to the present, Jennifer Johnson served as a camp counselor and print specialist. In the spring of 2019, Jennifer Johnson rejoined Audubon Great Lakes as a Wild Indigo Coordinator for the City of Gary and the surrounding North West Indiana area. She finds great joy to serve Indiana’s people, birds, and its natural areas.

To reach Jennifer, please email her at