Michigan's SB 1211 a Serious Threat to Wetlands and Bird Habitat

If allowed to pass, this bill would leave 70,000 wetlands in Michigan unprotected, covering nearly half a million acres.

December 10, 2018 - Michigan wetlands are in trouble. The state senate is about to vote on a bill that would roll back protections for nearly HALF the wetlands in the state.  If passed, SB 1211 would be devastating for Michigan’s birds and wildlife. Currently, wetlands and inland lakes larger than 5 acres are regulated by the state, but under this bill, Michigan would only be able to protect areas larger than 10 acres—this will leave 70,000 wetlands in the state unprotected, covering nearly half a million acres!

Your help is needed to stop this attack on Michigan’s natural resources. Email Governor Snyder and your representative today and ask them to oppose SB 1211.

As you know, wetlands are critical habitat for beloved birds like Canvasback and Sandhill Crane, but especially for various rare species such as Common Loon, Black Tern and Least Bittern. Michigan has already lost over 50% of its historic wetlands and cannot afford to lose anymore. Even the smallest wetlands serve as vital habitat for wildlife, provide a natural flood barrier from rising waters, and act as a filter to keep our lakes and streams clean. If we do not stop this bill, habitat that sustains birds and wildlife in Michigan will be lost forever and our water quality will suffer.

Don’t give developers a free pass to turn Michigan’s remaining wetlands into parking lots. Birds already face tough challenges, they cannot afford to lose any more habitat. Urge Governor Snyder and your representative to oppose SB 1211 today. 

How you can help, right now