Upcoming Community Science and Stewardship Opportunities in Michigan

Join MI Birds and partners in supporting your feathered friends this season!

Each season brings new bird species to the Great Lakes region and Michigan, giving us continued opportunities to connect with nature year-round wherever we are. As fall colors transition to winter greys, birds will continue to brighten local landscapes. Areas of open water will turn into a cornucopia of waterfowl and water bird activity, while woodlands and grasslands will become a winter home to migrating and overwintering birds like the Dark-eyed Junco, White-throated Sparrow, and Red-breasted Nuthatch.

This season, you are invited to help protect the habitats that birds rely on and provide valuable information to scientists to guide meaningful conservation action! Check out three upcoming stewardship and community science opportunities hosted by MI Birds partners across Michigan, and find out how you can get involved:

  • Native Prairie Seed Collection (October – November): Learn about the history of Michigan’s prairies and savannahs while helping restore and preserve them for birds. Join our partners at Michigan Department of Natural Resources to hand collect native prairie seeds at several state parks and recreation areas throughout the fall. To register, please email Kelsey Dillon, at Visit the DNR Stewardship website to learn more about other Stewardship and Community Science opportunities near you.
  • Michigan Winter Feeder Count with Kalamazoo Nature Center (November – April): Bird counts help scientists better understand bird movements and population health, and guide meaningful conservation action. Do you have a birdfeeder visible from a window in your home or at your office? If so, you are perfectly equipped to participate in Kalamazoo Nature Center’s Annual Winter Feeder Survey. Michiganders are invited to submit monthly information about birds they observe at their bird feeders using a simple protocol. Register to volunteer here!
  • Project FeederWatch (November - April): With bird populations in decline since the 1960's, it is increasingly important that scientists and land managers understand all aspects of a bird’s life cycle. Observe the birds outside your windows and contribute to science by joining Project FeederWatch, an international community science project organized by Cornell’s Lab of Ornithology and Birds Canada.  All age levels and birding skills are welcome! Learn more here.


MI Birds is a public outreach and engagement program created by Audubon Great Lakes and Michigan Department of Natural Resources, which aims to increase all Michiganders’ engagement with public lands that are important for birds and local communities. Follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter or sign-up for email updates.

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