Take Action to Protect Ohio's Clean Energy Future

Ohio, don’t let your legislators clip the wings of Ohio’s clean energy policy.

Ohio, Audubon needs your help. Ohio’s renewable energy portfolio standards are in serious trouble. A misguided bill introduced recently is threatening to gut the progress made in Ohio’s clean energy policy and the more than 112,000 clean energy jobs that currently exist in the state. This will result in more fossil fuel energy use and put more emissions in our air that are harmful to people, birds and other wildlife, and not to mention contribute to a rapidly warming planet. Don’t allow legislators to clip the wings of Ohio’s future, take action now to help stop House Bill 6.

Take action to protect Ohio's clean energy future.

Several years ago, Ohio made a commitment to reduce harmful emissions and propel our state and economy into the future by adopting and implementing clean energy standards that would curb carbon emissions and boost the creation of clean energy jobs. This was a big win for birds. Fast forward to today, where instead of investing in clean air, sustainable jobs and economic growth, proponents of House Bill 6, the purported “Clean Air Program”, are proposing to dismantle Ohio’s renewable energy and energy efficiency program in order to prop up two aging nuclear power plants. While it can be beneficial to have nuclear power as part of carbon-free energy mix, a bill that simply bails out two nuclear power plants does not address our need for a long-term comprehensive energy policy and low-carbon future. This bill moves Ohio in the wrong direction and our birds, wildlife and future generations will pay the price as a result. 

Birds tell us that we must take action to combat climate change. Audubon’s Birds and Climate Report found that more than half of all North American bird species, are endangered or threatened by climate change if global warming continues at its current pace. By 2080 Ohio will no longer be suitable for many of our favorite migratory species, and they will be forced north in desperate search of adequate habitat. Future generations may never know the fiery red of a Scarlet Tanager or the bubbly buzzes and trills of a BobolinkWe need your voice, contact your legislators now and tell them to oppose House Bill 6.

This bill is moving quickly, so please take action today. We cannot do this without you. Take action to protect Ohio's clean energy future.


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