An Ode to Great Lakes Wetlands

Celebrating the benefits wetlands provide this Valentine's Day, and every day

From serving as vital bird habitat to protecting our communities from flooding, our hardworking Great Lakes wetlands provide countless benefits to our region's wildlife and communities. Suffice it to say, we love our Great Lakes wetlands. To show our adoration, we wrote a Valentine's Day poem dedicated to our favorite places between land and water:

Sandhill Crane, adult and fledgling, Kensington Metropark, Milford, Michigan Photo: Sabina Dao/Audubon Photography Awards
An Ode to Great Lakes Wetlands

Elegant Great Blue Herons in flight,
Water storage of unprecedented might,
Vibrant colors of plants and wildlife delight,
Wetlands sure are an incredible sight.

In summer, marsh and water birds stalk through reeds.
In fall, migrating birds rest and refuel by eating seeds.
In winter, waterfowl dabble and dive as they feed.
In spring, boisterous birds return to breed.
Wetlands fulfill all of our bird watching needs. 

When runoff and climate change lack a solution,
Wetlands filter and store carbon pollution.
Clean drinking water and air are its contribution.
Wetlands fuel our communities and are our resolution.

To all Great Lakes wetlands, we love and adore you.
We will always be there to protect and restore you.
No matter your size, connections, seasonality or hue,
We will always be there to fight for you. 

How you can help, right now