Marnie Urso

Senior Policy Director

Marnie Urso is the Senior Policy Director for Audubon Great Lakes. She has been working to advance environmental public policy initiatives in the Great Lakes region and Washington DC for over 20 years – the last 16 of those with the National Audubon Society.  Urso's primary focus over the course of her career has been state and federal Great Lakes Restoration and Climate Change policy. Prior to working out of the Audubon Great Lakes office, she worked to empower Audubon state offices to plan and implement state climate policy campaigns as a National Campaigns Manger.   Before that, she directed Audubon’s campaign to re-instate Ohio’s renewable energy standards and to worked to ratify the Great Lakes Compact.  Urso is also a co-chair of the Healing Our Waters coalition which represents over 170 organizations and is a leading voice for Great Lakes restoration and protection.  She has a degree in Environmental Science and prior to Audubon, Urso was the State Director for the national League of Conservation Voters’ office in Ohio.

To contact Marnie, please email her at