Kylie McElrath

Conservation Manager, Michigan

Kylie is the Michigan Conservation Manager at Audubon Great Lakes. She implements conservation efforts and builds partnerships across the state of Michigan to protect bird habitat.

Kylie came to Audubon Great Lakes from Ducks Unlimited where she spent 2.5 years as a Regional Biologist delivering wetland restoration projects and conservation practices on working lands throughout Michigan and Ohio.

Kylie has a B.S. and will soon defend her M.S. thesis, both through Central Michigan University. For her thesis, Kylie studied muskrat populations of Michigan’s Great Lakes coastal wetlands. Throughout her undergraduate and graduate career, Kylie conducted bird and anuran surveys for the Great Lakes Coastal Wetland Monitoring Program.

Born and raised in Michigan, Kylie found her passion for birds through field trips to wetlands throughout the state. When she is not birding, Kylie enjoys backpacking, paddle boarding, and just about any activity that gets her outdoors.