Andy Hinickle

Senior Manager, Wetland Conservation

Andy Hinickle is Audubon Great Lake’s Senior Manager of Wetland Conservation. Hinickle leads efforts to design and implement wetland restoration projects in Audubon’s priority regions across the Great Lakes, while supporting Audubon’s policy and engagement teams in building a diverse constituency that defends and creates strong public policy across the Great Lakes region. His work involves close collaboration with public agencies, tribes, NGO partners, Audubon’s network of chapters and volunteers.  These projects drive towards Audubon’s ambitious goals for the region to recover breeding marsh bird populations while improving water quality and building climate resiliency.

Prior to joining the Audubon Great Lakes team, Hinickle spent over 10 years as Audubon New York’s Conservation Biologist. Located at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in Ithaca, Hinickle served as the lead on Audubon New York’s Golden-winged Warbler and young forest conservation efforts, Audubon New York’s Great Lakes Conservation efforts, and lent his expertise to other priorities ranging from mature forests to grasslands.  Hinickle came to Audubon in 2011 from the Long Island National Wildlife Refuge Complex, where he was employed as a term Wildlife Biologist.  Prior to that, he held technician positions with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, monitoring, restoring and maintaining a variety of habitat types on public and private lands.  Hinickle has a BS from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.