About Us

Who we are and what we do

The mission of Audubon in the greater Chicago region is to conserve and restore nature—focusing our efforts on wildlife, habitat and public education—for the benefit of humanity and the region’s biological diversity.

With 200,000 acres of conservation land, the Chicago metropolitan area encompasses many of the finest and largest tracts of native tallgrass prairie, oak savanna, woodland and wetland left in the Midwest.

Audubon Chicago Region saves wildlife and habitat, and to keep it safe permanently we are hard at work creating a local culture of conservation. Though a small staff is ready to step in where necessary, most of Audubon's work is done by hundreds of volunteers. They include citizen scientists, land stewards, advocates, and more. Everyone is invited to help out. 


Rebeccah Sanders, Executive Director

Thomas Barnes, Program Associate - Bird Friendly Communities

Dan Jacobson, Operations Manager

Jennifer Johnson, Wild Indigo Fellow

Nambii Mangun, Wild Indigo Fellow

Nathaniel Miller, Director of Conservation

Daniel Suarez, Program Associate - Stewardship

Ways You Can Help