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Conservation Volunteers are at the Heart of What We Do

Audubon on-the-ground conservation and restoration programs are the cornerstone of our ability to protect birds throughout the Great Lakes Region in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Climate Watch: Watching for Nuthatches or Bluebirds
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Climate Watch

Help us understand how birds are reacting to a rapidly changing climate.

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Community Science
community science

Be a Community Scientist

Take your love of the outdoors to the next level. Get involved with restoration and bird monitoring activities.

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Conservation Volunteer
Citizen Science

Conservation Volunteers

Get outdoors with the local conservation community.  Make a difference.

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Volunteer with Birds in My Neighborhood
How To Help

Birds in My Neighborhood

Volunteer with the Birds in My Neighborhood

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Wild Indigo Nature Explorations
Bird-Friendly Communities

Wild Indigo Nature Explorations

Building lasting relationships between urban communities of color and their local natural areas.

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Habitat Restoration Internship Program

Restoration Internship Program

Habitat restoration training for careers in conservation.

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